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ePaper - CCN Ausgabe - Number 2013-3

Most deliverable DES* Proven efficacy and safety in more than 1500 patients with diabetes including real-world complex patients† Low TLR rate of 4.0% at one year† First and only DES FDA-approved in patients with diabetes Simplify THE CHALLENGE with Resolute Integrity DES Innovating for life. * Bench test data vs. competitors on file at Medtronic, Inc. † Silber S. Pooled post-hoc analysis of Resolute ZES in patients with DM. TCT 2011. Resolute Integrity ZOTAROLIMUS-ELUTING CORONARY STENT SYSTEM NotfordistributionintheUSA.©2012Medtronic,Inc.Allrightsreserved.PrintedinEU.UC201205389EE3/12