Number 4/2019

DAPA-HF non-Diabetics: New Concept in the Treatment of Systolic Heart Failure

FRENCH-TAVI: Balloon-Expandable vs. Self-Expandable TAVI Valves

IMPELLA: Registry Study to Compare with Intra-Aortic Balloon Pump (IABP)

ISCHEMIA-MAIN: Invasive vs. Conservative Management of Patients with Stable CAD

ISCHEMIA-MAIN QoL: Quality of Life for Conservative vs. Invasive Management of Patients with Stable CAD

ISCHEMIA-CKD: Invasive vs. Conservative Management in Patients with Stable CAD and Chronic Kidney Disease

PARAGON-HF Gender: are there Differences between Women and Men with ARNI for Diastolic Heart Failure?

TST: Optimal LDL-Cholesterol Level after Ischemic Stroke of Atherosclerotic Origin


- Diabetes: Dapagliflozin in Patients with Heart Failure
  and Reduced Ejection Fraction (HFrEF), With or Without
  Type 2 Diabetes (T2DM)
- Myocardial Ischemia: Invasive Strategy No
  Better Than Medications for Prognosis, but Improvements
  in Quality of Life
- Sports Medicine: Physical Activity Reduces Overall
  Mortality in Primary and Secondary Prevention
- Heart Failure: Diastolic Heart Failure and


Number 3/2019

DEBUT: Drug-Coated Balloon vs. BMS for De-Novo
Stenoses in Patients with High Bleeding Risk

ENTRUST-AF PCI: Omission of Triple Therapy after
Stent Implantation in Atrial Fibrillation with Edoxaban

IDEAL-LM: Synergy vs. Xience DES for Left Main Stem PCI

ISAR REACT-5: Prasugrel Superior to Ticagrelor

ONYX ONE: Polymer-free DES not necessary for
Elevated Bleeding Risk

PARAGON-HF: Entresto for Diastolic Heart Failure?


THEMIS: Ticagrelor in Patients with CCS
and Diabetes Mellitus

TWILIGHT: Ticagrelor Monotherapy after Coronary Stent


- Diabetes: New 2019 ESC + EASD Guidelines for Diabetes,
  Prediabetes and Cardiovascular Disease
- Myocardial Ischemia: 2019 ESC Guidelines Chronic Coronary
  Syndromes: Further Downgrading of Stress ECG
- Sports Medicine: Three simple preventive measures
  worldwide in order to prevent 94 million deaths
- Heart Failure: Influence of SGLT2 Inhibition on Systolic
  Heart Failure – The 2019 DAPA-HF Study


Number 2/2019

BASKET-SMALL 2 Angio: Drug-Coated Balloons (DCB) vs. Drug-Eluting Stents (DES) for Small Coronary Arteries

BeAT-HF Studie: 6-Month Data - Hope or Disillusion?

e-ULTIMASTER-DES: Real World Data in Over 25,000 Patients

FFR-PULLBACK: ocal vs. Diffuse Coronary Stenoses

ORSIRO-SCAAR: Comparison with Other Modern DES

Regadenoson-FFR: Advantages over Adenosine-FFR

SYNTAX-II: 3-Year Results: Less is More


- Diabetes: Dulaglutide Significantly Lowers the Cardio-
  vascular Risk of People with Type 2 Diabetes
- Myocardial Ischemia: ISCHEMIA Trial: Percentage
  Distribution of Stress Test Modalities
- Sports Medicine: Successful Diabetes Therapy through
  Weight Reduction in the Context of Routine Medical Care
- Heart Failure: Anthracycline-Induced Cardiotoxicity
  and Heart Failure


Number 1/2019

APPLE HEART: AF Detection 24/7 via a Wristwatch

AUGUSTUS: Apixaban vs. VKA and Dual Antithrombotic Therapy
with Apixaban vs. Triple Therapy

CIRCA-DOSE: Cryoballoon vs. Radiofrequency Ablation in AF

COACT: Coronary Angiography after Cardiac Arrest without ST-Elevation

ELIMINATE-AF: Edoxaban is Safe for Ablation

EVOLUT LOW RISK: TAVI with the Self-Expanding Corevalve/Evolut vs. Surgery with Low Surgical Risk

PARTNER 3: TAVI with the SAPIEN 3 vs. Surgery in Patients
with Low Surgical Risk

PIONEER HF-Open Label: Extended Observation of Entresto in Acute Heart Failure

RACE-7 AC-WAS: Waiting is as good as Acute Cardioversion

SAFARI-STEMI: Femoral vs. Radial Access in STEMI


- Diabetes: More Than Blood Sugar Reduction: Antidiabetics ±
  “Additional Benefit” in Germany: GLP1 Analogues
- Myocardial Ischemi: DEFINE PCI: High Rate of Residual Ischemia
  After PCI Despite Excellent Angiographic Outcomes
- Sports Medicine: Vascular Effects of Alcohol and
  Nicotine Consumption During Adolescence
- Heart Failure: MitraClip as Therapeutic Option in Secondary
  Mitral Valve Insufficiency Due to Heart Failure


Number 4/2018

AF-ALERT: Active Digital Prompt to Prescribe OAC in
Patients with Atrial Fibrillation

BIONYX: Orsiro vs. Resolute Onyx DES

COAPT: MitraClip in Patients with Heart Failure and
Secondary Mitral Insufficiency

DECLARE: Dapagliflozin in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus

NEOPRO: TAVI with the New Self-Expanding
Evolut PRO and Acurate neo Valves

OAC-ALONE: OAC as Long-Term Monotherapy in Patients with
CAD and AF

ODYSSEY OUTCOMES COSTS: Cost Effectiveness of Alirocumab

PIONEER HF: Angiotensin Receptor-Neprilysin Inhibition in
Acute Heart Failure

REDUCE-FMR: The Carillon System for Functional
Mitral Insufficiency

SOLVE-TAVI: Self-Expanding vs. Balloon-Expandable Valves and
General Anaesthesia vs. Local Anaesthesia/Sedation in TAVI



- Diabetes: Management of Hyperglycemia in Type 2 Diabetes with
  Cardiovascular Disease: ADA – EASD 2018 Consensus Report
- Myocardial Ischemia: FFR or iFR Measurement will be a Billable
  Service for Accredited Physicians in Germany Starting Oct. 1, 2018
- Sports Medicine: Genetics or Fitness – Which is More Decisive?
- Heart Failure: Influence of Atrial Fibrillation on
  Heart Failure Prognosis


Number 3/2018

ART: Single vs. Double Mammary Artery in
Coronary Bypass Surgery

BASKET-SMALL 2: Drug-Coated Balloons (DCB) vs.
Drug-Eluting Stents (DES) for Small Coronary Arteries

CULPRIT-SHOCK: PCI for Multi-Vessel Disease in
Cardiogenic Shock – 1-year results

DIGITAL HF: Detection of Atrial Fibrillation is Possible
with a Smartphone

GLOBAL LEADERS: Ticagrelor Monotherapy After
Coronary Stent Implantation? MitraClip for Secondary Mitral Insufficiency is not
Superior to Optimal Medical Therapy

SCOT HEART 5-Years Results: Cardiac CT and Infarct Risk

TIMI-HF 2: Mortality Advantage with Telemonitoring in
Patients with Heart Failure


- Diabetes: Aspirin Primary Prevention in Diabetes:
  The ASCEND Study (A Study of Cardiovascular Events in Diabetes)
- Myocardial Ischemia: How frequent is objective, non-invasive
  proof of ischemia prior to an elective coronary angiography?
- Sports Medicine: ESC Hypertension Guideline 2018
- Heart Failure: B-lymphocyte function – a new Biomarker
  for Heart Failure?


Number 2/2018

BIO-RESORT: Comparison of Absorbable with Durable Coating
of DES: 2-Years Results

BIOSOLVE IV: First 1-Year Results of the Magmaris registry study

CABANA: No Advantages of Ablation vs. Medical Therapy
in Atrial Fibrillation

CENTERA-EU: a New Self-Expanding TAVI Valve

CENTURY II: 5-Year Results of the Ultimaster DES with an Absorbable Polymer

GZ-FFR: Randomized Pilot Study of PCI vs. OMT in Stable CAD
with Equivocal FFR

ORBITA: FFR and iFR do not Correlate with Exercise Tolerance
after PCI

SORT OUT VIII: Randomized Comparison of the Synergy with the Biomatrix DES

SPYRAL HTN - ON MED: Renal Denervation for Arterial Hypertension with Antihypertensive Medication

SYNTAX III REVOLUTION: Can Coronary CT Angiography Replace Cardiac Catheterisation?


- Diabetes: Healthy and Obese? MESA Study on Obesity,
  Metabolic Syndrome and Cardiovascular Risk
  (Multi-Ethnic Study of Atherosclerosis)
- Myocardial Ischemia: Myocardial Injury after Non-cardiac Surgery
  (MINS) – Mostly Silent, but Associated with Increased Mortality
- Sports Medicine: Impact of Healthy Lifestyle Factors
  on Life Expectancies in the US Population
- Heart Failure: H2FPEF Score for Diagnosis of Diastolic Heart Failure


Number 1/2018

with His Bundle Stimulation

MANAGE: Dabigatran Improves Prognosis of MINS

MSTOPS: Intensified Monitoring Identifies more Atrial Fibrillation

NOTION 5-year: All-Comer Study to Compare TAVI with Surgical Aortic Valve Replacement (SAVR)

ODYSSEY OUTCOMES: Clinical Endpoint Trial of Alirocumab
in Patients after Acute Coronary Syndrome (ACS)

SMART-DATE: Is 6 Months of DAPT Suffice after ACS-PCI?

TREAT: Ticagrelor vs. Clopidogrel after STEMI Thrombolysis

VEST: Discrepancy of "Vest"-Benefit in Post-Infarct Patients
with Reduced EF

KONGRESSNEWS (only in German)

- Diabetes: Comparison of Alirocumab with Placebo in Patients with
  Inadequately Controlled Lipids despite Maximum Administration
  of Statins after Acute Coronary Syndrome (ODYSSEY Study1,2)
- Myocardial Ischemia: MINOCA/ INOCA: Myocardial Infarction/
  Ischemia With Non-Obstructive Coronary Arteries
- Sports Medicine: Physical Fitness is Decisive for
  Preventing Heart Failure
- Heart Failure: Pulmonary Vein Ablation – New Hope
  for Heart Failure


Number 4/2017

ABRIDGE-J: Less Bleeding with Paused Dabigatran
during AF Ablation

ABSORB IV: Results with Proper Implantation Technique

BRUISE CONTROL-2: Use of NOACs during Device Surgery

CULPRIT SHOCK: PCI in Cardiogenic Shock

DAPT-STEMI: 6 versus 12 Months of Dual Antiplatelet Therapy
Following DES Implantation in STEMI

DARE: Paclitaxel DEB vs. Everolimus DES for In-Stent Restenosis

RE-DUAL PCI Subgroups: ACS, Stent Type and Ticagrelor

SENIOR: Month DAPT Following DES with Stable CAD

TAVI COSTS: Cost-Effectiveness vs. Surgical Aortic Valve
Replacement in Patients at Moderate Risk for Surgery

KONGRESSNEWS (only in German)

- Diabetes: Empagliflozin, the Risk of Cardiovascular Death
  and Hospitalization due to Heart Failure in different
  Stages of Heart Failure (EMPA-REG outcome study)
- ORBITA: A Very Controversial Study
  on the Efficacy of PCI in Chronic Stable CAD
- Sports Medicine: The optimal Cardiovascular Diet:
  Everything gets turned Upside Down
- Heart Failure: Acute Heart Failure and
  Cardiogenic Shock


Number 3/2017

BIOFLOW V: New PCI "Gold Standard" for DES?

CANTOS: Inhibition of Inflammation in Post-MI Patients

CASTLE-AF: Mortality Advantage due to Ablation of
Atrial Fibrillation in Patients with Heart Failure

COMPASS: Low-Dose Rivaroxaban in Patients
with Stable Cardiovascular Disease

DETO2X: No Routine Oxygen Administration in
Acute Myocardial Infarction

EMANATE-AF: Apixaban before and after Cardioversion

RACE-3: Upstream Therapy Reduces Atrial Fibrillation

RE-DUAL PCI: Fewer Bleeding Events in Dual Regime
with Dabigatran

REVEAL: Anacetrapib to Reduce Risk in Patients with
Overt Cardiovascular Disease

SPYRAL HTN-OFF MED: Renal Denervation in Arterial
Hypertension without Antihypertensive Medication

KONGRESSNEWS (only in German)

- Diabetes: EXSCEL Study on the Cardiovascular Safety of
  Exenatide (once weekly) in People with Type 2 Diabetes
- Myocardial Ischemia: SYNTAX II versus SYNTAX I:
  Impact of Intracoronary Physiology on PCI Indication
- Sports Medicine: Physical Exercise after TAVI
- Heart Failure: Gene Therapy in Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy


Number 2/2017

ACIST-FFR: Validation of a Universally Deployable
Compared with a Standard Pressure Wire

ADVANCE CoreValve: 5-year Results

AIDA: Late Thromboses after ABSORB Scaffold
are Independent of Vessel Size or Pretreatment

BIOSOLVE-II und –III: No Thromboses after 2 Years
for the MAGMARIS Completely Absorbable Coronary Stent

DESolve: No Thromboses after 5 Years for the ELIXIR
Completely Absorbable Coronary Stent

DISRUPT CAD: Lithoplasty for the Treatment
of Calcified Coronary Stenoses

EURO-CTO: Optimal Medical Therapy
vs. Revascularization in CTO

GUIDE-CRT: SPECT-Guided Implantation Better than
Routine Procedure

NODE-1: Nasal Spray for Termination of Tachycardia

POWDER-AF: Combination of Ablation and Medications
leads to High Success Rate in Atrial Fibrillation

TOPIC: DAPT with ASA + Prasugrel or ASA + Ticagrelor
for only 4 Weeks after ACS?

KONGRESS-NEWS (only in German)

- Diabetes: Intestinal Microbiome and
  Metabolic Conditions
- Mykoardischämie: Rationale for Discordances Between FFR
  and CFR, or Noninvasive Ischemia Tests Respectively
- Sportmedizin: Physical Exercise with
  Systolic Heart Failure
- Herzinsuffizienz: Type 1 Diabetes and Heart Failure


Number 1/2017

ABSORB-III: 2-Year Results

DEFINE-FLAIR: Advantages of iFR vs. FFR in Deciding
on Coronary Revascularization

EBBINGHAUS: Evolocumab: No Effects
on Cognitive Function

EINSTEIN CHOICE: After Venous Thrombembolism,
Prolonged Therapy with Rivaroxaban is Superior to Aspirin

FOURIER: Evolocumab Reduces Cardiovascular Events

GEMINI-ACS1: Rivaroxaban is Equivalent to Aspirin after ACS

RE-CIRCUIT: Fewer Bleeding Events for AF Ablation
with Continued Dabigatran Administration

S-LAAO: Surgical Closure of the Left Atrial Appendage
Reduces Thrombembolic Risk

SPAIN: Closed-Loop Stimulation Effective in
Vasovagal Syncope

SURTAVI: TAVI vs. Surgery in Intermediate Operative Risk

SWEDEHEART: Better Tolerability of iFR vs. FFR-supported
Decision on Coronary Revascularization

KONGRESSNEWS (only in German)

- Diabetes: Reduction of Cardiovascular Risk by
  Lowering LDL with Evolocumab: Outcome study (Fourier)
- Myocardial Ischemia: DEFINE-FLAIR and iFR-Swedeheart:
  iFR vs. FFR Outcome Trials
- Sports Medicine: Do Women also Get Athlete’s Heart?
- Heart Failure: Heart Failure with Preserved
  Ejection Fraction HFpEF


Number 4/2016

ABSORB-II: 3-Year Results for the Fully
Absorbable Stent (“Scaffold”)

ASSERT-II: Asymptomatic AF and Risk Profile

BIO-RESORT (TWENTE-III): Comparison of Absorbable
with Permanent Coating of DES


EUCLID: Ticagrelor in Peripheral Artery Disease

EXCEL: PCI vs. Bypass Surgery in Left Main Stenosis

GLAGOV: Plaque Regression - PCSK9 Inhibitor Evolocumab

NOBLE: PCI vs. Bypass Surgery in Left Main Stenosis

PIONEER AF-PCI: New Strategies for Triple Therapy

RE-VERSE AD: Update on the Dabigatran Antidote

SENTINEL: Cerebral Protection During TAVI

WATCHMAN-USA: Safety of Interventional Closure
of the Left Atrial Appendage

KONGRESS-NEWS (only in German)

- Diabetes: Empagliflozin and Progression of Nephropathy
  in Type 2 Diabetes (EMPA-REG Outcome Study)
- Myocardial Ischemia: ISCHEMIA Trial is Seeking Additional
  Sites in Germany
- Sports Medicine:Bicycling is Sufficient for
  Cardiovascular Prevention
- Heart Failure: Heart Failure in Patients
  with Diabetes Mellitus


CCN Number - Number  3/2016
CCN Number 3/2016
CCN Number 3/2016
PDF (32,5 MB)

Number 3/2016

ABSORB-JAPAN-2-Year Results: Absorbable vs. Non-Absorbable
Everolimus-Eluting Coronary Stent

ANTARCTIC: Randomized Study of the Value of Platelet
Function Tests for Prasugrel in Elderly Patients

CE-MARC 2: MRI vs. SPECT vs. Standard Procedure in
Suspected CAD

DANISH: No Benefit from ICD in Non-Ischemic

ENSURE-AF: Edoxaban vs. Warfarin with Cardioversion

ESCAPE: Avoidance of Lipoprotein Apheresis in Heterozygous
Familial Hypercholesterolemia with Alirocumab

PEGASUS-STROKE: Prevention of Stroke with Ticagrelor
in Patients After Myocardial Infarction

REM-HF: Telemonitoring Superfluous in Heart Failure?

SAVE: CPAP in Patients with Obstructive Sleep Apnea
and Cardiovascular Disease

KONGRESS-NEWS (only in German)

- Diabetes: Sustain 6: Study on Cardiovascular Safety
  of Semaglutide in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes
- Myocardial Ischemia: CE-MARC 2: Stress NMR and SPECT Equally
  Effective in Reducing Unnecessary Coronary Angiography Rate
- Do Statins Influence Physical Endurance?
- Heart Failure: Primary Therapy with Defibrillator in
  dilatative Cardiomyopathy? DANISH Study


CCN Number  2/2016
CCN Number 2/2016
CCN Number 2/2016
PDF (39,5 MB)

Number 2/2016

BIOSOLVE-II: 1-Year Results for the
Absorbable Magnesium DES (Magmaris)

DCB-ONLY: Paclitaxel-eluting Balloon for PCI
of Native Coronary Stenoses

EFFORTLESS: Registry for Subcutaneous ICD Implantation

LAA-SURG: Surgical Removal of Left Atrial Appendage (LAA)
in Patients with Persistent AF

OASIS: Inferiority of Rotor-guided Ablation as Compared
to Conventional Ablation in Patients with AF

OPINION: Randomized Comparison of OCT-OFDI
vs. IVUS- guided PCI

PRESSURE: Routine Re-Ablation Following PVI
in Patients with Atrial Fibrillation

SMARTTOUCH: No improvement for
Contact Pressure-controlled Ablation in AF

SOURCE-3: TAVI with the SAPIEN 3 Valve

SYNTAX-II: 1 Month Results in Coronary 3-VD

KONGRESSNEWS (only in German)

- Diabetes: GLP-1 Receptor Agonist Liraglutide Reduces
  Cardiovascular Risk in Type 2 Diabetes
- Myocardial Ischemia: PROMISE: Outcomes of Anatomical versus
  Functional Testing for Diagnostics of Coronary Artery Disease
- Sports Medicine:What Dose of Physical Activity is Optimal?
- Heart Failure: Anthracycline and Heart Failure


CCN Ausgabe - Number  1/2016
CCN Ausgabe 1/2016
CCN Number 1/2016
PDF (44,5 MB)

Number 1/2016

ACCELERATE: Influence of the CETP Inhibitor Evacetrapib
on Cardiovascular Prognosis

ALPS: Benefit of Antiarrhythmic Agents in VF/VT-induced
Cardiac Arrest

CoreValve US Pivotal: Superiority of TAVI vs. Surgery Persists even in High-Risk Patients

EARLY-BAMI: Pre-Interventional Betablocker Administration

FIRE AND ICE: Cryoballoon vs. Radiofrequency Ablation for
Atrial Fibrillation

GAUSS-3: Evolocumab vs. Ezetimibe in Patients with
Statin-Associated Intolerance

in Patients with Intermediate Surgical Risk

PEGASUS DIABETES: Long-Term DAPT with ASA and Ticagrelor
in Post-Infarct Patients

RATE vs. RHYTHM CONTROL: Comparison in Postoperative
Atrial Fibrillation

SAPIEN-3: TAVI vs. Surgical Aortic Valve Replacement
with Intermediate Surgical Risk


- Diabetes: Pioglitazone Reduces Cardiovascular Events
  After Ischemic Stroke or Transient Ischemic Attack (IRIS Study)
- Myocardial Ischemia: EVINCI: Allocation of Ischemic Segments
  to True Coronary Vessel after Correction by Hybrid Imaging
- Sports Medicine:Physical Exercise Improves Coronary
  Collateral Growth
- Heart Failure: Bypass Surgery and Ischemic Cardiomyopathy


CCN Ausgabe - Number  4/2015
CCN Ausgabe 4/2015
CCN Number 4/2015
PDF (44,5 MB)

Number 4/2015

ABSORB III: Randomized Trial with a Clinical Endpoint

BIOSOLVE II: Completely Absorbable Magnesium Stent

CURRENT AS: Surgical versus Conservative Management of
Asymptomatic High-Grade Aortic Stenosis

DRAGON: Transradial vs. Transfemoral Access for PCI

EVITA: Varenicline for Nicotine Cessation in ACS

EWOLUTION: Watchman LAA Occluder Registry

LEADERS FREE: DES with Only 1 Month of DAPT

PARTNER II: TAVI After Surgical Aortic Valve Replacement

PEGASUS-STENT: Prognostic Gain in Secondary Prevention
with Ticagrelor is Independent of Stents

SPRINT: Optimal Target of Systolic Blood Pressure

VWQRSD: CRT, Right Bundle Branch Block and Very Wide QRS

- Diabetes: Compared with Standard Therapy, Empagliflozin
  Reduces Cardiovascular Risk and Mortality in Type 2 Diabetes
- Myocardial Ischemia: Macro- or Microvascular Ischemia
  in SPECT? Clarification by Cardiac Hybrid Imaging
- Sports Medicine:Gait Speed is an independent Predictor
  of Prognosis in Heart Failure
- Heart Failure: Blood Pressure and Heart Failure


CCN Ausgabe - Number  3/2015
CCN Number 3/2015
CCN Number 3/2015
PDF (41,5 MB)

Number 3/2015

ABSORB JAPAN: Absorbable vs. Non-Absorbable   Everolimus-Eluting Coronary Stent

BELIEF: Catheter Ablation with Isolation of LAA   in Persistent Atrial Fibrillation

EAST-AF: No Benefit From Antiarrhythmic Drugs   For 3 Months After Ablation in Atrial Fibrillation

EMPA-REG OUTCOME Trial with Empagliflozin:
First Time Mortality Reduction with an Antidiabetic Drug

LEADLESS II: Leadless Pacing - FDA Approval Study on the Safety and   Efficacy of Nanostim Leadless Pacemaker

MANTRA-PAF 5-Jahresergebnisse: Comparison of Ablation   vs. Antiarrhythmics in Atrial Fibrillation

ODYSSEY-4: Alirocumab vs. Placebo in Heterozygous   Familial Hypercholesterolemia – 4 Studies

OPTIDUAL: 12- vs. 48-Months DAPT After DES

OPTILINK-HF: Telemedicine Monitoring   in Heart Failure Patients with ICDs

PARAMETER: Angiotensin Receptor Neprilysin Inhibitor (ARNI)   vs. Angiotensin Receptor Blockers in art. Hypertension

PEGASUS-INTERVAL: Extended DAPT with Ticagrelor as a   Function of the Prior DAPT-free Interval

PLATFORM: FFRCT as Gatekeeper for Cardiac Catheterization


- Diabetes: Safety of Incretin Therapy: New large Outcome Studies
  – TECOS (Sitagliptin) and ELIXA (Lixisenatide)
- Myocardial Ischemia: FFRCT: Non-invasive Assessment
  of FFR by Coronary CTA
- Sports Medicine: Physical training with ICD?
- Heart Failure: Servo-Ventilation Increases Mortality
  in Heart Failure with Central Sleep Apnea


CCN Number - Number 2/2015
CCN Number 2/2015
CCN Number 2/2015
PDF (41,5 MB)

Number 2/2015

BAT: Baroreflex Activation Therapy in Heart Failure

BVS-STEMI: Absorbable DES in STEMI

COREVALVE EVOLUT R: Repositionable TAVI Valve

DISCOVERY 1TO3: Stent Coverage by the Ultimaster DES

FREEZE-AF: Cryoballoon vs. Radiofrequency Ablation

HEARTLIGHT: Laser Balloon vs. Radiofrequency Ablation

ILUMIEN II: OCT- vs. IVUS-guided Stent Implantation

MICRA-TPS: Leadless Pacing - First Results

NOTION: All-Comer Study to Compare TAVI
with Aortic Valve Replacement (SAVR) in Aortic Stenosis

OPINION: OFDI- vs. IVUS-guided Stent Implantation

ProMRI: Safety of an ICD for Thoracic MRI

RESOLUTE-8000: Stent-Related vs. Patient-Related
Results after 5 Years with the Zotarolimus-DES

VENTURE-AF: Rivaroxaban during Ablation

- Diabetes:New Basal Insulin with Greater
  Safety due to Lower Risk of Hypoglycemia
- Myocardial Ischemia: ISCHEMIA-CKD: Chronic Kidney Disease
  increases the Risk to die of a Heart Attack
- Sports Medicine:Physical Exercise for ICD Patients
- Heart Failure: Stroke and Heart Failure


Number 1/2015

AATAC: Ablation vs. Amiodarone in Patients with Persistent Atrial Fibrillation and Heart Failure

BEST: Everolimus-eluting DES vs. Bypass Surgery

CoreValve US Pivotal 2-Jahresergebnisse: Superiority
of TAVI vs. Surgery Maintained in High-Risk Patients

CTSN-AF: Should Patients with Atrial Fibrillation undergo
Surgical Ablation during Mitral Valve Surgery?

DEFLECT III: Cerebral Embolic Protection in TAVI

LEGACY: Weight Reduction and Atrial Fibrillation

OSLER: Significant LDL Cholesterol Reduction
with the PCSK9 Inhibitor Evolocumab

PARTNER II: First 30-days Outcomes for TAVI with SAPIEN 3

PEGASUS: Secondary Prevention with Ticagrelor

PROMISE: Anatomical vs. Functional Diagnostic
in Symptomatic Patients with Suspected CAD

TOTAL: No Routinely Thrombus Aspiration in STEMI

PRODUCT NEWS: Risk of Stent Thrombosis Significantly Lower
than Prejudice Claims

- Diabetes:Synergistic Effects of Insulin with
  Incretin-based Therapy
- Mykoardischämie: ISCHEMIA Trial: German Sites
  To Date Underrepresented
- Sportmedizin:The importance of a healthy lifestyle
  in the prevention of cardiovascular disease
- Herzinsuffizienz: Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy as
  “Model Disease” of Diastolic Heart failure


Number 4/2014

ABSORB II: First Randomized Study of an Absorbable Scaffold

AVOID: No Routine Oxygen Administration in STEMI

BRIGHT: Bivalirudin vs. Heparin vs. Heparin + Tirofiban
in Primary PCI

CLEAN-TAVI: Cerebral Embolic Protection for TAVI

DAPT: How long after Stent Implantation?

EXCITE ISR: Excimer Laser Atherectomy vs. PTA
for Femoropopliteal In-Stent Restenosis

IMPROVE-IT: Improvement of Prognosis after Myocardial
Infarction by Additional Administration of Ezetimibe

ISAR TRIPLE: 6 Weeks or 6 Months of Triple Therapy?

REPRISE-II: 1-Year Results with the Lotus TAVI System

RIBS IV: Paclitaxel-eluting Balloon versus Everolimus-
Eluting Stent for In-Stent Restenosis of DES

SECURITY: 6 Months vs. 12 Months DAPT after DES

SYMPLICITY FLEX: Randomized Study of Renal
Denervation for Mild Arterial Hypertension

- Diabetes:Does Statin Therapy Induce Type 2 Diabetes
  as a „Side Effect“?
- Myocardial Ischemia: ISCHEMIA-CKD: Substudy
  Launched in Germany
- Sports Medicine:Blood Pressure Progression during Aging:
  The Importance of Physical Fitness
- Heart Failure: Cardiac Resynchronization – a Milestone
  in Heart Failure Therapy



Number 3/2014

ATLANTIC: Ticagrelor for STEMI already in Ambulances?

BIOPACE: Is Biventricular Pacing in AV Block required
to prevent Cardiac Desysnchronization?


CONFIRM-HF: Intravenous Ferric Carboxymaltose
in Patients with Heart Failure and Iron Deficiency

LISTEN: Advantages of Rosuvastatin in Diabetes Mellitus?

ODYSSEY COMBO II: PCSK9 Inhibition with Alirocumab for
inadequately controlled Hypercholesterolemia

PARADIGM-HF: Angiotensin Receptor-Neprilysin
Inhibition (ARNI) in Chronic Heart Failure

RE-LY: Post-hoc Analysis of the Influence of Dabigatran
vs. Warfarin on Renal Function

SIGNIFY: Effect of Ivabradine on the Prognosis in Patients
with Coronary Artery Disease without Heart Failure

STAR AF: Optimal Ablation Strategy in Atrial Fibrillation?

XVeRT: Rivaroxaban for Cardioversion

INTERVIEW: With Prof. Christoph Bode

- Diabetes:Empagliflozin vs. glimepiride as add-on medication
  to metformin: two-year comparative study
- Myocardial Ischemia: Incomplete Revascularisation after PCI
  or CABG – Frequency and Prognostic Relevance
- Sports Medicine:How Much Activity is Enough to Extend Life?
- Heart Failure: Diastolic Heart Failure – The Search for
  Effective Pharmacological Therapy



p-c-i live 2014 Announcement

Number 2/2014

ABSORB FIRST: Short-Term Results of a Registry
for Absorbable Scaffolds

APPOSITION IV: Self-Expanding Coronary Stent
in Acute Myocardial Infarction

BABILON: Drug-eluting Balloon for Bifurcated Lesions

CENTURY II: The New Ultimaster DES
with an Absorbable Polymer

IBERIA REGISTE: 2-Year Results after LAA Occlusion

JUPITER:Short-Term Results for the 2nd Generation

OCTAVIA:Are there different Mechanisms
of Myocardial Infarction in Women?

PRAGUE 16:Direct Thrombus Aspiration in Acute Stroke

PREDICTORS of Nonresponse to RDN


SAPIEN 3 TAVI:First Short-Term Results

- Diabetes:Triple combination of saxagliptin/dapagliflozin/
  metformin for better glycemic control
- Mykoardischämie: Is Exercise ECG testing still up to date
  for decision-making in interventional cardiology?
- Sportmedizin:LV Trabeculation in the Athlete’s Heart
  and Differentiation from Non-Compaction Cardiomyopathy
- Herzinsuffizienz: Many in-patient heart failure treatments
  are costly, but preventable


p-c-i live 2014 Announcement

Number 1/2014

ALECARDIO: Cardiovascular Events after Acute Coronary
Syndrome on Treatment with Aleglitazar


COREVALVE US: First Randomized Comparison of TAVI
with the CoreValve vs. Surgical Aortic Valve Replacement

CORP-2: Randomized Study for the Treatment of
Recurrent Pericarditis with Colchicine

GAUSS-2: Evolocumab in Hypercholesterolemic Patients
Unable to Tolerate an Effective Dose of Statin

under Everyday Conditions

HEAT PPCI: Bivalirudin versus Heparin in STEMI

SYMPLICITY HTN-3: Randomized Trial of Renal
Denervation in Uncontrolled Arterial Hypertension

TVT US: 1-Year Data from the US TAVI Registry

ZEUS: ENDEAVOR DES in Patients with Short DAPT Duration

- Diabetes: Reduction of the Cardiovascular Risk Profile in
  Type 2 Diabetes: Effects of Treatment with SGLT2 Inhibitors
- Mykoardischämie: ISCHEMIA Trial –
  First Enrollment in Germany
- Sportmedizin:Sport as a Promoter
  of ARVC Manifestation
- Herzinsuffizienz: Medical Care Situation in Germany


p-c-i live 2014 Announcement

Number 4/2013

ADVISE II: FFR Possible Without Adenosine?

DUTCH PEERS (TWENTE II): Resolute Integrity vs. Promus Element

EUROMAX: Superiority of Bivalirudin vs. Heparin ± GPI in STEMI

HYBRID: Randomized Comparison of Coronary
Hybrid Revascularization with Standard Bypass Surgery

LEVANT II: Randomized Comparison of PTA of the Femoropopliteal
Arteries with DEB vs. Simple Balloon

MASTER: 1-Year Results

OPTIMIZE: 3 vs. 12 Months of DAPT

PLATINUM PLUS: Randomized DES Comparison
of Promus Element vs. Xience Prime

REGADENOSON MAX: Maximal Myocardial Ischemia
Compared with Adenosine

REPRISE II: Registry Study of the LOTUS Repositionable TAVI Valve

RIBS V: SeQuent Please Balloon vs. Xience Prime Stent
for In-Stent Restenosis

SORT OUT VI: Resolute Integrity vs. Biomatrix Flex in “All Comers”

PRODUCT NEWS: BIOTRONIK announces CE mark for PK Papyrus covered Coronary Stent for Treatment of Coronary Artery Perforation

- Diabetes:Common ESC and EASD Guideline on Diabetes,
  Pre-Diabetes and Cardiovascular Illnesses
- Myocardial Ischemia:Improved Non-Invasive
  Ischemia Diagnosis using Hybrid Imaging
- Sports Medicine:The Influence of Cardiorespiratory Fitness
  on Morbidity and Mortality after Bypass Surgery
- Heart Failure:Should we Abandon Non-Steroidal Antiphlogistics
  (NSAIDs) in Heart Failure?


p-c-i live 2014 Announcement

Number 3/2013

ACCOAST: First Randomized Study on Pretreatment with
an Oral Antiplatelet Medication for PCI in NSTEMI

DECAAF: MRI-Controlled Fibrosis Ablation Instead of Vein Isolation?

ECHO-CRT: No CRT for Narrow QRS Complex Despite Dyssynchrony

HOKUSAI: Edoxaban vs. Warfarin for the Treatment
of Acute Symptomatic Venous Thromboembolism (VTE)

ORIGIN: Does Hypoglycemia Increase the Cardiovascular Risk?

RE-ALIGN: Dabigatran vs. Warfarin in Patients with
Mechanical Heart Valves

SAVOR-TIMI 53: Saxagliptin and Cardiovascular Outcome

TAO: Otamixaban in Patients with NSTE-ACS PCI

TASTE: Insufficient Effectiveness of Thrombus Aspiration for STEMI

INTERVIEW: Less is More! Pretreatment with ADP Antagonists
not Necessary for NSTEMI

PRODUCT NEWS: IN-TIME: Survival Benefit for Heart Failure
Patientswith Remote Monitoring

- Diabetes:Early Entry with Basal Insulin in Type 2 Diabetes
- Myocardial Ischemia:iFR instead of FFR measurement: easier
  functional assessment of coronary lesions
- Sports Medicine:Typical ECG findings for „Athlete‘s heart“
- Heart Failure:High sensitive Troponins –
  Key Biomarkers not only in Acute Coronary Syndromes


p-c-i live 2013 Announcement

Number 2/2013


ADVISE II: Functional Assessment
of Coronary Stenosis without Adenosine

BIOFLOW-II: Orsiro vs. Xience Prime DES

DESOLVE: A New Bioresorbable Scaffold

ELISA-3: Early or Late Intervention
in High-Risk Patients with NSTE-ACS?

NEXT + COMPARE-II: Combined Analysis of Two Studies

REDUCE HTN: Renal Denervation with the Vessix System

REPRISE I: 1-Year Results for the Lotus TAVI

the Resolute DES in Patients with Bifurcation Lesions

RIPCORD: How does FFR Affect Decisions in Real Practice

- Diabetes: The LOOK AHEAD Study
- Myocardial Ischemia: FFR in the German DRG-System:
  Paradox between Evidence and Reimbursement
- Sports Medicine: Physical Home-based Exercise for Patients
  with Peripheral Arterial Disease
- Heart Failure: Does Serial Determination of Natriuretic
  Peptides improve the Treatment?


p-c-i live 2013 Announcemen

Number 1/2013

ADAPT-DES: IVUS for Reducing Stent Thrombosis

ARMYDA 9 Carotid: Clopidogrel and Atorvastatin for Carotid PTA

CHAMPION PHOENIX: Cangrelor compared to Clopidogrel for PCI

DAPT-RESOLUTE: Only 1 Month of Dual Antiplatelet Therapy?

DES LATE: Optimal Duration for Clopidogrel
Administration Following Stent Implantation

GARY: German Aortic Valve Registry: 1-year results

NEXT: Equivalence of Nobori and Xience/Promus DES

PLATO NSTE-ACS: A Ticagrelor vs. Clopidogrel Subgroup Analysis

REGADENOSON-SPECT: Prognostic Value of Regadenoson
Myocardial Perfusion Scintigraphy in Elderly Patients

STREAM: Early Administration of Tenecteplase for STEMI

Functional impact of contrast media during Cardiac Catheterizations

Intravenous Cangrelor is effective (in German only)

- Diabetes: Combination therapy with niacin
  in high cardiovascular risk
- Myocardial Ischemia: Pharmacological Stress
  in Multimodal Cardiac Ischemia Diagnosis
- Sports Medicine: Atrial fibrillation in older athletes
- Heart Failure: structure and aims of the Comprehensive
  Heart Failure Center (CHFC) Würzburg


p-c-i live 2013 Announcement

Number 4/2012

ADAPT-DES: Inadequate clopidogrel effect

ETAP: Stenting of the popliteal artery

iFR: FFR equivalent without adenosine infusion

ISAR-DESIRE 3: Comparison of DEB with DES
for „Limus“ stent restenosis

SAR-LEFT MAIN-2: Comparison of Resolute and Xience
for PCI of unprotected left main stem stenosis

MASTER: A mesh-based embolic protection system
for primary PCI in STEMI

PC: Closure of a patent foramen ovale ineffective?

RESOLUTE 3 years: Persistent long-term results for the
comparison of the Resolute with the Xience stent

RESPECT: Stroke prophylaxis by PFO closure:
Intention-to-treat or per protocol analysis?

STEMI RADIAL: Bleeding rates after radial or
femoral access for PCI in STEMI

TRILOGY-ACS Angio: Subgroup analysis with
versus without cardiac catheterization

XIMA: BMS versus DES in patients over 80 years

Start ivabradine as soon as possible!

- Boston Scientific acquires Vessix Vascular
- Safe long-term data for dabigatran (In German only)
- Positive results for Pantera Lux balloon catheter
- The RESOLUTE clinical program: 1 month DAPT

- Diabetes: Bypass surgery of coronary multivessel
  disease more successful than stent implantation
- Myocardial Ischemia: Ranolazine: an additional option
- Sports Medicine: Optimal training intensity?
- Heart Failure: Palliative concepts are lacking


p-c-i live 2013 Announcement

CCN Ausgabe - Number 3/2012
CCN Number 3/2012
CCN Number 3/2012
PDF (115 MB)

Number 3/2012

ACCESS-EUROPE: 1-Year Results for the MitraClip

AFA Pilot: Registry for the ablation of atrial fibrillation

FAME II: Prognostic benefit of PCI with FFR in stable CAD

IABP-SHOCK II: No benefit of the IABP for infarction and cardiogenic shock

JenaValve TAVI: First Results of the Registry

PROTECT: First randomized trial regarding late stent thrombosis

RE-LY AF Registry: Global assessment of stroke and mortality
in patients with atrial fibrillation

SHIFT: New clinical perspectives

TRILOGY: Conservative approach with Prasugrel in ACS

WOEST: First randomized trial comparing an antithrom- botic triple vs. dual therapy after stent implantation

- Targeted Implantation of Cardiac Pacemakers for Neurocardiogenic
  Syncopes improves Clinical Outcome (German only)
- New BIOTRONIK ICD and CRT-D Series
  Gives Patients First-Ever Access to MR Scans
- COMBO Dual Therapy Stent TM - Delaid vascular healing process
   for drug- eluting stents (German only)

- Diabetes: The „Obesity Paradox“ Myocardial“
- Ischemia: Ischemia-driven revascularization
  in patients with chronic stable CAD
- Sports Medicine: Physical activity: A must with diabetes!
- Heart Failure: Post-Inpatient care in heart failure –
  how can our healthcare system cope?


p-c-i live 2012 Announcement

CCN Ausgabe - Number 2/2012
CCN Number 2/2012
CCN Number 2/2012
PDF (134 MB)

Number 2/2012

APPOSITION-III: Stentys DES in Patients with STEMI

BIOSOLVE-I: First Results with a Paclitaxel-eluting
Absorbable Magnesium Stent


COMPARE-II: Xience / Promus DES vs. Nobori DES
in „everyday patients“

EVOLVE-I: 12-month data for the SYNERGY DES

MICAMI: Mesh-based Embolic Protection
in STEMI with the MGuard system

RESOLUTE Bifurcations: pooled analysis from two studies of the RESOLUTE Global Programm

SORT OUT V: Nobori DES vs. Cypher DES

30-day results

TRIPLET: Prasugrel loading dose following a loading dose of Clopidogrel

- Approve Sapien TAVR FDA advisors say
- NOBORI-2 Registry confirms DES (in German only)
- Dabigatran for patients with mechanical heart valves

- Diabetes: ORIGIN
- Myocardial Ischemia: FAME-II
- Sports Medicine: HERITAGE
- Heart Failure: new ESC Guidelines


p-c-i live 2012 Announcement

CCN - Number 1/2012
CCN Number 1/2012
CCN Number 1/2012
PDF (154 MB)

Number 1/2012

BELLO: the IN.PACT Falcon DEB vs. Taxus DES for the
Treatment of de-novo Coronary Lesions

BRAVO: Bivalirudin and UFH
for Aortic Balloon Valvuloplasty

FEATHER: Prasugrel 5 mg vs. 10 mg

INFUSE-AMI: Abciximab and/or Thrombus
Aspiration in Anterior STEMI

PARTNER COHORT A: 2 year results: TAVI vs. Surgery

PATRAS: Ticagrelor vs. Prasugrel

PLATINUM 2 year results: Promus Element vs.
Promus/Xience V Everolimus-DES

VALENTINES-II: The Dior-II Drug-eluting Balloon for the
Treatment of de-novo Coronary Lesions

- Myocardial Infarction in RE-LY
- DEB Cost/Effectiveness Analysis

- Ivabradine for Heart Failure (in German only)

- Diabetes up-to-date (in German only)
- Myocardial Ischemia up-to-date (in German only)
- Sports Medicine up-to-date (in German only)
- Heart Failure up-to-date (in German only)

- DES and DEB: up-to-date Evaluation
- Heart Days / POCKET compendium (in German only)


p-c-i live 2012 Announcement:

CCN Ausgabe - Number 3/2011
CCN Number 3/2011
CCN Number 3/2011
PDF (182 MB)

Current Cardiovascular News

Number 3/2011

ADDITIONS: Ivabradine for stable angina pectoris

ATLAS: Rivaroxaban also effective in ACS

DEAR: DIOR-II DEB in Patients with Diabetes Mellitus

DELUX: International Registry for the Pantera Lux DEB


ISAR-REACT 4: Bivalirudin vs. Abciximab in NSTEMI-PCI

LEADERS 4 Jahre: Biomatrix Flex vs. Cypher

MERIT 1+2: BioMime Sirolimus-DES Registry Studies

PARTNER B: 2-year results

PEPCAD-DES: SeQuent Please DEB for DES-ISR

PEPPER: Pantera Lux DEB for ISR after BMS or DES

PLATINUM LL: Long Lesion Registry Study

PLATO-STEMI: differentiated Subgroup Analysis

REMEDEE: a new Combo-DES compared with Taxus

RESOLUTE-DIABETES: the Resolute DES in Diabetes Mellitus

SEQUENT PLEASE WWR: a World Wide Registry

BIK Information
– DES and DEB: up-to-date Evaluation (in German only)

BIK introduces itself (in German only)

p-c-i live 2012 Announcement

Current Cardiovascular News

Number 2/2011

ARISTOTLE: Apixaban vs. Warfarin in Atrial Fibrillation

BISOSOLVE-I: The first Drug-eluting absorbable Metal Stent

dal-PLAQUE: Effects of Dalcetrapib on Atherosclerosis

EXAMINATION: Xience-V Stent in STEMI Patients

PLATO-ST: Stent Thrombosis with Ticagrelor vs. Clopidogrel

RELY-AP: Antiplatelet Therapy and Dabigatran vs. Warfarin

RESOLUTE-OCT: Resolute DES vs. Xience-V DES

ROCKET AF-renal: Rivaroxaban vs. Warfarin in Pats with Atrial Fibrillation and Renal Insufficiency

SHIFT-ECHO: The Effect of Heart Rate Reduction with Ivabradine on Left Ventricular Remodeling

BIK introduces itself (in German only)

BIK Information
– New ESC Guidelines upgrade Prasugrel
– High estimated number of undetected diabetics
– German Foundation for the Chronically Ill

p-c-i live 2011 in Munich: Program

Current Cathlab News

Number 1/2011

HABARA: The SeQuent Please Drug-eluting Balloon for the treatment of Sirolimus-DES in-Stent Restenoses

PARTNER-Cohort A: Comparison of TAVI with Surgery in severe Aortic Valve Stenosis

PEPPER: The Pantera Lux Drug-eluting Balloon for the Treatment of In-Stent Restenoses of BMS or DES

PLATINUM: Promus Element (Platinum-Chromium) vs. Promus/Xience V (Cobalt-Chromium) Everolimus-DES

RESOLUTE All Comers – 2-year results: Equivalence of Resolute and Xience V DES

SPIRIT III+IV: The Xience V Drug-eluting Stent for small Coronary Vessels

VALENTINES: The Dior-II Drug-eluting Balloon for the Treatment of BMS or DES In-Stent Restenoses

CONSENSUS-GROUP: For Drug-Eluting Balloons for in-stent restenoses, small vessels and bifurcation lesions (only in German)


BIK introduces itself (only in German)